In January, 2008 the continuing education requirement in Alabama for the Master License was reduced to only 8 hours, and provided the basis for the development of the state's only network of schools hosting board approved continuing education for cosmetologists that encourages future masters to bring the future apprentice with them to the class.

Classes sponsored by CECI and held at Alabama Board of Cosmetology licensed schools primarily focus on infection control thru sanitation & disinfection, apprentice management, plus written and practical exam prep information. Attendance is mandatory for upgrade and/or maintenance of the Master License, which is the minimum license allowed to conduct an apprenticeship in Alabama, and no exam is required. Whether an individual has specialized in cosmetology, esthetician, or manicurist training, the CECI sponsored classes are valuable to all in attendance.

The advantage of holding cosmetology continuing education seminars in schools is that attendees are introduced to instructors who may be of assistance in the preparation and scheduling of an apprentice for the licensing exams. In addition, schools and instructors are excellent sources of low cost training supplies such as books, CDs and mannequins.

Affiliate schools also conduct advanced classes in chemistry, relaxing and color, as well as offer opportunities for advanced and cross training of licensees (manager or master to instructor, or manicurist to esthetician, or vice-versa). These classes provide a unique opportunity for those in the cosmetology industry to gain extra training and experience, setting them apart from others in their field. If you are interested in these seminars, don’t hesitate to contact us today.
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Continuing Education
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